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A positive education and positive behaviour for learning school

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Positive behaviour for learning

Winmalee High School is a positive education and positive behaviour for learning (PBL) school

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At Winmalee High School, we take pride in being:

  • safe 
  • respectful 
  • learners

PBL increases student engagement and learning by increasing ‘on-task’ behaviours and decreasing distractions in the learning environment. The result at Winmalee High is a positive school environment in which student academic and social outcomes are improved through increased teaching time and consistent expectations of behaviour.

PBL provides the Winmalee High School Community with a proactive system for defining, teaching and supporting appropriate student behaviours. It aligns with our focus on Positive Education which involves promoting wellbeing. Staff and student wellbeing are improved through the development of positive relationships which are based on respect. Wellbeing is also supported through the development of emotional regulation and interpersonal skills.

Three core behavioural expectations are taught to all students through term PBL lessons. These expectations are applied across all areas of the school. They are; safe, respectful, learners. In understanding what these expectations are, how they apply to all areas of the school, and the clear consequences of not following these expectations, students learn to regulate their own behaviours. In order to reinforce positive behaviours, students are rewarded regularly and acknowledged through the school merit systems, goldies, reward barbeques, reward excursions and acknowledged on assemblies.