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Student leadership

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Winmalee High School SRC is a body of student representatives selected from each year group and ably led by the School Captains, Vice Captains and Prefects.

To be part of the SRC, students must show a desire to: speak for their fellow students on issues of concern; be active in the running of events at the school (such as Harmony Day, Wear It Purple and RUOK); drive initiatives to improve the school environment; represent the school at community events, such as the ANZAC Day march and organise fundraising activities to support charities (such as the Leukaemia Foundation, Westmead Children’s Hospital and Destiny Rescue).

The generosity of our students and staff in supporting and giving to those less than themselves is one of the great qualities of our school and its community.  

Students in the Representative Council have the opportunity to lead by example and display their leadership qualities through speaking at year meetings, chairing school assemblies, reporting to the P & C and attending leadership seminars.

Their dedication to ensuring the smooth running of all of the events across the school calendar culminates in ‘Spirit Week’ at the end of the year. The activities that the SRC run during this week are designed to build on the positive relationships between students and students and teachers. It affirms our school values of respect for each other and our environment, looking out for each other and a willingness to help when needed while emphasising the importance of having a good sense of healthy fun within the boundaries of cooperation and safety.

School Leaders

Captain and Vice Captains
Both female and male Captains are elected to represent the students of the school at functions and to speak for the student body. They are leaders of the Student Council and act as ambassadors for our school at community events.

2019 Captains 
Marli Thompson and Nick Craig
2019 Vice Captains
Eloise Dennis and Henry Hutchinson 

2018 Captains 
Hayley Borg and Louis TeBay
2018 Vice Captains
Molly Cameron and Liam Clifford

2017 Captains 
Nick Mahoney and Hannah Kadi
2017 Vice Captains
Layton Bryce and Georgia Fodor

2016 Captains 
Brendan Palmer-Brown and Siobhan Clifford
2016 Vice Captains
Louis Boyd and Lydia Kearns

2015 Captains
Sophie Peterson and Simon Shead
2015 Vice Captains
Rachael Chomik and Mark Isichei