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In accordance with the Education Act 1990 and the requirements of the Department of Education and Training, each school community sets its own school discipline code. Part of the school discipline code at Winmalee High School is the requirement that all students wear school uniform. Winmalee High School seeks to constantly provide high standards of education, self-esteem and safety for all its students.

As decided by the overwhelming majority of the school's community (made up of parents, students, teachers and local community members) the wearing of uniform is integral to providing and maintaining these standards. Three major reasons were provided in support of this decision: school uniform helps promote a strong school spirit.

Research shows that students enjoy improved learning outcomes where a strong school spirit exists; school uniform promotes cohesion between different groups within a school thus breaking down discrimination based on financial, religious or cultural background; and school uniform provides a clear identification of students within the school and community. This makes the sighting and removal of uninvited and unwelcome visitors possible.

The school discipline code indicates that it is expected that all students will adhere to the dress code by wearing school uniform. The school has the right to enforce this discipline code.

Four senior boys in school uniform

Uniform shop

The school uniform shop is contracted to a privately owned business, Daylight Sportswear. They consult with the school, P&C, staff and students to design items of uniform that best meet the needs of our students. The school receives a direct commission from the business as part of the contract.

Current prices can be seen on this Uniform Shop Price List (PDF 142 KB), effective 1 March 2024. You may also ring the Uniform Shop directly on 4754 2155. 

Uniform payments must be made directly to the Uniform Shop. Please note it is NOT possible to use Winmalee High School's online payment system for uniform payments.

School Uniform Options (PDF 758 KB) - updated November 2023.

There are three ways to purchase and pay for items of uniform:

  1. In person by a parent/carer/student from the Uniform Shop during opening hours via cash or EFTPOS.  Parents/carers also have the option of having their child present a completed Order Form (PDF 146 KB) - updated February 2024 - and a Credit Card Authority Form (PDF 226 KB) to the Uniform Shop.
  2. By phoning the Uniform Shop on 4754 2155 making an order and related payment using a Credit Card ONLY.
  3. Online by logging onto Daylight Sportswear. Create an account profile, place your order, make your payment and select "walk in" to pick up your order from the Uniform Shop on the next 'open' day.

All prices include GST - prices subject to change.