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Learning hub

Students at desks and on couches studying in Learning Hub

What is the Learning Hub? 

The Learning Hub is a targeted resource based environment, that caters for independent and guided learning for students identified with specific learning needs. It is a pro-active resource which helps students to meet their varying learning differences. The Hub is also a reactive resource which gives students access to a trusted learning environment as the need arises, according to their emotional/social and learning needs.

Which students does the Hub assist? 

Winmalee High School students who present with behavioural and/or mental health issues (anxiety, depression), and/or specific learning difficulties. This includes any student requiring specific learning assistance, diagnosed or undiagnosed. It also supports students that require additional learning flexibility due to special circumstances that interrupt structured classroom learning. This may be due to illness or extracurricular commitments. 

How does the Hub operate? 

The Hub operates within normal school operating hours under the direct supervision of the Learning Hub or Learning and Support Teacher, assisted by an SLSO. Students are identified and their Individual Learning Plan is modified to include conditions of their access to the Learning Hub. This is done in consultation with parents, students and appropriate Learning and Support Team personnel. Students can access the Hub at various times throughout the week as necessary. The Learning Hub has its own roll call to ensure students are set up for the day.