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Wellbeing camps/programs

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Year 7 Settling into High School
The Settling Into High School Program is an enriching and fulfilling process for all participants in which Year 10 students offer peer support for small groups of Year 7 students. Year 10 students gain valuable experience in leadership and organisational ability. The older students will share their knowledge, understanding and experiences and help the younger students to gain personal skills to solve any problems they may encounter in their first year of High School. The Settling Into High School Program is run through the Learning Support Team.

Year 7 students build up a support network for the future and experience a wide range of lesson themes including how to make new friends, school values as displayed in our Positive Behaviour for Learning theme at Winmalee High School, coping with challenges, getting on with everyone, study skills and team building. The bond between students will be reinforced with regular meetings throughout the year.

Year 7 & 8 Swim School
All Year 7 and 8 students participate in a Swimming and Lifesaving program over four days as part of their PDHPE curriculum. Students gain valuable skills in personal water safety and lifesaving/resuscitation techniques. Most students gain a Lifesaving Award as recognition of their achievement within the program.

Year 8 Camp
Students in Year 8 are offered the opportunity to attend a Year Group camp. The camp is designed to promote group cohesion, team building, trust and resilience in a supportive setting. The venue is decided from year to year, and details are communicated to families in the lead up to the event. 

Year 9 Surf Camp
Students who elect Physical Activity and Sports Studies are entitled to attend this camp. Designed to provide expert tuition in surfing skills and surf safety, the camp also promotes growth mindset capacity in the learning of a new and challenging skill.

Year 10 Leadership Camp/Activities
All Year 10 students have the option of either attending a camp or school-based experiences specifically designed to provide leadership and growth mindset opportunities for students in a variety of settings.

Year 11 Outdoor Recreation/Surf Camp
Students who elect PDHPE participate in an Outdoor Recreation Camp or Surf Camp. This camp supports the theory component of the Outdoor Recreation Option of the Preliminary PDHPE course in a practical setting.

Mountains Youth Services Team ‘Outdoor Explore’
MYST provide an ‘Outdoor Explore’ series of one-day outdoor recreation experiences under controlled expert supervision in age and experience appropriate outdoor settings. These activities are designed to challenge students and provide a sense of achievement to support wellbeing and growth mindset.

Other Programs
Each year the school coordinates a range of wellbeing programs including guest speakers to support student learning and wellbeing. These programs are communicated to families as appropriate.