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Our history and community

Our school at a glance

Winmalee High School is located in the Blue Mountains area, just north of Springwood. In the 1960s this area was known as North Springwood. The area was sparsely settled, but during the 1970s, many new subdivisions were created. As more homes were constructed the area took shape as a suburb in its own right. At that time the Geographical Names Board had a policy to eliminate such terms as North or South from names of towns or suburbs.

A competition was organised to put forward a distinctive name for the suburb. A local resident suggested the name Winmalee, an aboriginal word for ‘to the north’. This name was accepted. Winmalee High School was established in 1985 with the first intake of Year 7 students. Since then it has grown to be a large comprehensive high school.


Student enrolment remains around 860 students. The school student population has a strong majority of Anglo-celtic or Saxon background with 7% of our students from other ethnic backgrounds. These are mostly from European countries. The student body has the opportunity to be actively involved in leadership of the school through the student representative council (SRC) and the Year 11 Leadership Group which is part of the SRC. These groups have strong participation in and leadership of school activities. The SRC has a vital say about the major issues that relate to student needs and successfully creating change in the culture of the school.

Students have  a major role in school decision making in relation to student needs, expectations and working with other students in programs such as peer reading and tutoring, peer support and student mentorship. Our SRC has been very active in supporting charities and social justice issues including anti-bullying and acceptance of diversity. The students sponsor two World Vision children showing their awareness of global issues and recognising the important role of education in a child’s life. The decision to support particular interests and community groups is made independently by the students.


Our school has a teaching staff of approximately 62 teachers with a team of school administrative officers. The staff has a high level of experience and love their school. There are a number of teachers in their first six years of teaching. All teachers in their first six years of teaching are supported effectively in meeting the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) accreditation requirements.

The School Leadership and Improvement Project (SLIP) Team and the Teaching and Learning Team has provided a real impetus in directing the professional learning for all staff and in particular to ensure teachers are modelling evidence based on best practice to effectively implement the new Australian Curriculum.

Winmalee High School is a community school with many special qualities. The positive relationships between teachers and students is a distinctive feature of the school. The school provides stimulating and challenging courses which students find highly relevant to their needs. Discipline is firm and is based on mutual respect.

Our teachers and administrative officers are committed to the all round success of our school in ensuring our students gain from the comprehensive education offered by the school. They go ‘above and beyond’ in terms of the time they give outside the classroom to ensure that rich opportunities are available to our students in leadership, cultural, welfare, visual, creative and performing arts as well as sport programs.


The school community continues to demonstrate its confidence in the quality of educational opportunity offered at Winmalee High expressed by the high level of interest for places in Year 7. Feedback from our community shows that they strongly support our stance setting high standards regarding behaviour expectations of being safe, respectful learners which promote and recognise positive behaviour resulting in more time on task in class.

The school community values the strong connection evident between students and teachers who work together to ensure the focus remains on quality teaching and learning for all students. The school's motto of strive to succeed reflects this focus.