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Attendance and absences

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In our school community we take pride in being:

  • Respectful
  • Responsible
  • Learners

Regular attendance is essential for students to effectively embrace our school values and maximise their potential. It is an important component of the school’s learning program – academic, sporting, cultural and social.

Winmalee High School encourages regular attendance and punctuality. These are essential for academic achievement, self-discipline and employment opportunities. To help our students achieve full potential we need teamwork between the student, the school and parents. 

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Therefore we seek assistance from parents to:

  • Encourage students to attend and to be punctual (before 8.30am).
  • Explain any absence promptly via a reply to the text sent on the day of absence, the Sentral Parent Portal, email the school with 'attention Student Services' in the subject line, send a handwritten note or phone the school on 4754 2822.  Where reasons for absence are not provided records will indicate unexplained absence. It is a requirement of the Department of Education to follow up and capture explanations for absences within a 7-day period.

  • Contact the school immediately to report any ongoing absence so that we can work together to address any issues.
  • Arrange appointments at the doctor, dentist etc. outside school hours wherever possible (preferably NOT Wednesday afternoons as Sport is an integral part of the school's curriculum).
  • Please contact the school if there has been a change to your mobile contact number.

See Attendance Policy 2019  for more information.

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