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Transition to high school

Winmalee High School facilitates various opportunities for Year 6 students to engage in the transition process from primary to secondary school. It is important that students receive opportunities to build familiarisation and confidence within the high school setting, so the transition from primary school to high school is as smooth as possible.

The first opportunity Year 6 students from our feeder schools have to experience what high school is like is through our Expo Day. This is held in Term 1 and gives Year 6 students from our feeder schools the opportunity to experience high school classrooms and subjects. They engage in short taster lessons with teachers from the high school that introduce students to the subject content and learning activities that take place in the high school context.

Parents and carers are invited to attend an Information Evening in Term 1 that communicates information regarding application processes including those for out of area students, as well as details about school policies, curriculum and co-curricular activities. Students from the leadership team facilitate this night.

Throughout the year (Terms 2, 3 and 4) the Learning and Support Teacher (LaST), as well as the Year Adviser for the incoming Year 7 cohort, communicate and liaise with the primary schools to gather student information. This information is essential for ensuring the smoothest transition for all students coming into Year 7. If parents or carers have any concerns regarding a student and their transition to high school they can contact the LaST directly to discuss these concerns.

Through communication between the LaST and primary schools, students who would benefit from additional transition visits are identified. These students attend additional visits to the high school to further develop awareness of the high school setting, feel more comfortable with the transition process and explore problem-solving strategies that will be useful in Year 7.

A special Creative and Performing Arts day is offered later in the school year to all students who have been offered and have accepted a place at Winmalee High School. Year 6 students who wish to attend select an area within Creative and Performing Arts and complete workshops with specialist high school teachers in these areas. Students can select to participate in Music, Drama, Art or Dance workshops and the work that these students produce is then showcased in a performance and art exhibition in the afternoon.

Year 7 Orientation Day occurs later in Term 4 and is another opportunity for all incoming Year 6 into 7 students to become accustomed to the high school environment. Students learn more about Winmalee High School including our school uniform and daily routines. Students also participate in short taster lessons that offer them a chance to experience different subjects and teaching styles.  They meet their Peer Support leaders and begin to mix with students from other schools.

Once students begin Year 7 there are two programs aimed at supporting Year 7 students to settle into high school. A Peer Support program is run in the first week to assist Year 7 students in becoming familiar with school routines and making connections with others. Year 10 Peer Support leaders lead this program and the program is overseen by the Peer Support Coordinator, Year Adviser and Learning and Support Teacher. Early in Term 1, Year 7 students participate in the Settling into High School Program, which contains numerous activities and workshops around making good friendships, study skills, teamwork exercises including abseiling.

It is very important that students receive the best opportunity to transition successfully into high school. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s transition to high school, please contact the school and Learning and Support Teacher as early as possible.