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Principal's message

Principal Voula Facas

Welcome to the Winmalee High School official website. As you explore our website you will understand why we are proud of our reputation as a quality comprehensive high school. As a school of around 750 students including approximately 40 Aboriginal students, Winmalee High is a very friendly and welcoming school where students are genuinely helpful and happy and staff and students enjoy a positive relationship. Learning facilities and resources are plentiful and we reside in a beautiful bush setting in the lower Blue Mountains. For a closer look at our school, I welcome you to view our Virtual Tour.

School Vision Statement 

Winmalee High School is an environmentally conscious, positive education school committed to supporting students holistically; focusing on the wellbeing and learning needs of all students. Within an inclusive and supportive environment, students learn mastery of skills and knowledge and create high-quality work, whilst becoming resilient learners, supporting them to adapt and respond to life's challenges, for now and the future. 

Through delivery of quality teaching and learning programs and the fostering of strong, respectful relationships students are inspired to achieve their personal best. Opportunities for students to explore and develop their creative, active and academic abilities whilst enhancing their learning and wellbeing through an array of curricular and co-curricular programs aim to build lifelong skills and character. Held in high regard throughout the community, Winmalee High School values and models mutual respect and acceptance for all.

Winmalee High is a Positive Behaviour for Learning and a positive education school. This means we have a unified approach to student behaviour, learning and wellbeing which stems from Positive Psychology and a strong commitment to positive relationships. We use the PERMAH model (adapted from Martin Seligman’s PERMA) to implement Positive Education. The idea is that if you: have positive emotions, can actively engage, have positive relationships, find meaning and purpose in what you do, have achievements and accomplishments, and work toward good health then you have an increased chance of flourishing or thriving at school and in life generally. To read further, go to Supporting our students.

As you explore the website you will see that we have a focus on developing the whole child through a broad range of co-curricular opportunities including academic, sporting, visual, creative and performing arts, leadership, cultural and community programs. The Student activities page reveals the strength of our commitment to ensuring that our students have a breadth of opportunities and can ‘Strive to Achieve’ in all aspects of school life, including leadership. We work hard as a school community to ensure every student is known, valued and cared for. Our focus on the three dimensions of student achievement is about valuing the development of the necessary knowledge and skills, including literacy and -numeracy skills; the completion of high-quality, beautiful work of which students are proud of; and the character development of each individual. These three dimensions are important in the development of the whole child.

The school has clearly defined values and a culture of high expectation – both academically and behaviourally (See Positive behaviour for learning). The dedication and commitment of our teaching staff has supported students in achieving strong academic success as evidenced by our HSC results. Our strong values system enables the development of responsible, confident and well-balanced individuals who are great citizens with a strong sense of community. Students are encouraged to have a voice, respectfully standing up for themselves and others. Our current Strategic Improvement Plan (2021-2024) outlines our School Vision and our Strategic Directions to support student learning and wellbeing. Please view this short video outlining an overview of Winmalee High School's Strategic Improvement Plan. 

Our school is a safe and supportive space where our anti-bullying policies and behavioural expectations are strong. Our school is inclusive of all students; students can ‘Be who they want to be’. Parents, carers and community members have a strong loyalty and pride in our school and public education in general.

Enjoy exploring our website and don’t hesitate to contact the school for more information, including how to request an enrolment. You may consider viewing and ‘liking’ our Winmalee High School Official Facebook page to stay in touch with the everyday happenings of the school. Download the Sentral for Parents App and connect to Winmalee High School to receive communications for your child. As well, ensure your contact email details remain up-to-date with the school.

Best wishes,

Voula Facas