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Technology at Winmalee High School

At Winmalee High School we strongly believe that students require a high level of digital literacy in order to thrive and work in the world. We strive to provide the integration of technology into teaching and learning programs across the school that can provide opportunities for students to think independently and develop skills that will enable them to flourish in a world driven by technology.

At Winmalee High School information and communication technologies (ICT) are integrated across the curriculum and students learn to collaborate, globally connect, construct, apply knowledge and seek timely feedback to reflect on learning.

By exploring digital technologies within the curriculum, students can learn about applications in coding, robotics, STEM and the arts, to develop skills in problem-solving, innovation, critical and creative thinking.

Research skills are a critical skill for all students. Digital literacy and identifying useful sites is an essential part of learning at Winmalee High School. We encourage students to use technology and practice good digital citizenship so that they may contribute positively to the global community.

School resources to support the effective delivery of ICT include: 

  • Purpose built Computer Laboratories located in specially designed classrooms as well as in the Library; 
  • Mobile computer trolleys which have classroom sets of laptops for use in classrooms;
  • Interactive electronic whiteboards located in all faculties across the school;
  • Data projectors in the majority of classrooms;
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) agreements are available for senior students and negotiated on a needs basis for junior students.

Winmalee High School BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy encourages students to use laptops and other devices in a balanced and respectful way.

Student agreement and specifications required for bring your own devices (PDF 384 KB) - updated November 2023

Laptops and other personal devices are powerful tools that are designed to support learning and their usage forms an integral part of all teaching and learning programs across the school. Hence, they are encouraged to be used regularly and ideally in a variety of different ways.

Students still must bring their regular books, diaries and textbooks where necessary with teachers to determine where, when and how they are to be used in the classroom.

Laptops are not a replacement for all pen/paper compositions and responses. Handwritten work and tasks will continue to be an integral part of all classrooms responding in order to support and effectively prepare students for external examinations and to further refine their ‘pen to paper’ thinking skills.

All students at Winmalee High School have a personal login to the Department of Education Student Portal. Within this portal they can access email accounts and e-learning tools including Google Docs and Google Classroom as well as Office 365.

These tools allow students and teachers to communicate with each other online and for students, provide platforms where they can continue work at home where they left off at school.

As a school we firmly believe that through the effective use of technology all students at Winmalee High School may learn to develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, practices and attitudes necessary for them to be an engaged, robust 21st century citizen capable of shaping our future.