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Super 6 Literacy Program

Alongside curricular and co-curricular programs Winmalee High School has also implemented a whole school literacy program. The program, known as Super 6: Focus on Meaning, provides students with a scaffold for comprehension across all Key Learning Areas (KLAs).

The Super 6 strategies; Connect, Predict/Infer, Question, Monitor, Visualise and Summarise/Evaluate are the key strategies used by confident readers. Research has shown that those with strong comprehension skills automatically use these strategies when they came across difficult words or sections. However, students who struggle with reading or have difficulty engaging with reading, do not use the strategies. The program focuses on explicitly teaching these strategies.

Thus, the Super 6 skills are a toolkit for learning that all students can employ to improve their reading, understanding and learning in the classroom. The strategies also assist with revision and general exam preparation. Posters in every classroom refer to the Super 6 as “Lifesavers” as they can be applied by students at any time to assist their reading comprehension and learning.

In 2014 Winmalee High School teachers introduced these six metacognitive strategies and applied them in lessons across Years 7-9, in all learning and subject areas. Essentially, students are taught how to use these tools before, during and after reading or approaching new information.

The strategies work well across all KLAs because they actually promote THINKING and LEARNING, not just reading comprehension. For example, research has shown that if we CONNECT, PREDICT and QUESTION as we approach a new topic, we learn much more deeply.

In addition, if students “switch on” while reading and “actively process” text, they will remember the information later. Research consistently highlights the necessity for active processing – just writing down notes will not push the information into long term memories – students need to “make it their own” to remember it. The Super 6 skills promote active processing while reading AND individualised note making after reading – thus they truly support all students in preparing for exams and assessment tasks.