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Peer led learning

Peer reading 

During roll call every morning, Year 11 students work with Year 7 students in a peer reading program. The Year 11 students have completed training and learnt how to become peer tutors. Each morning the students read & complete a reading log. The tutors also help the tutees to develop a variety of reading techniques such as 'The Super Six' strategies and the use of 'Hear, Hidden, Head' strategies. The Year 7 students reading improves in all of the three areas of accuracy, comprehension & fluency.

Both the Year 7 and the Year 11 students benefit and learn valuable skills in this program. The Year 11 students learn important aspects of reading and how to teach these aspects to the Year 7 students. The Year 7 students are tested when entering the program and at the end of the program. Not only do the Year 7 students improve in reading, comprehension and fluency but their confidence improves as they build a relationship with the Year 11 students who support them in the beginning year of their high school journey.

Peer numeracy

The numeracy roll class has been running at Winmalee High School since 2008. The aim of the program is to improve the numeracy skills of junior students experiencing difficulty with mathematics. These students are mentored and tutored by capable and motivated Year 10 students under the guidance of a Mathematics Faculty member. Over the years we have seen improvement in students confidence and competence.