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Attendance and absences

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In our school community we take pride in being:

  • Respectful
  • Responsible
  • Learners

Regular attendance is essential for students to effectively embrace our school values and maximise their potential. It is an important component of the school’s learning program – academic, sporting, cultural and social.

Winmalee High School encourages regular attendance and punctuality. These are essential for academic achievement, self-discipline and employment opportunities. To help our students achieve full potential we need teamwork between the student, the school and parents. 

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Therefore we seek assistance from parents to:

  • Encourage students to attend and to be punctual (before 8.30 am).
  • Supply the school with written explanations (via Portal, email or handwritten note) of student absences on the first day of return to school after the absence. The note must state the days and dates it covers AND the reason for the absence. Where reasons for absence are not provided records will indicate unexplained absence.

  • Contact the school immediately to report any ongoing absence so that we can work together to address any issues.
  • Arrange appointments at the doctor, dentist etc. outside school hours wherever possible (preferably NOT Wednesday afternoons as Sport is an integral part of the school's curriculum).
  • Contact the school by phone on 4754 2822 if the absence will be 3 days or more. 
  • You may also email the school with 'attention Student Services' in the subject line to explain an absence, or submit the absence via the Sentral Parent Portal.

See Attendance Policy 2019  and our Absences and Sentral app page for more information.